The Babel Story and Begotten Sun

w/ B.S. and the Sol Chariot


1. What Time is It ?

2. Riddle On

3. We Have Heaven

4. The River

5. Better Schemes

Play in Lofi  6. Rattle & Roll  Play in Hifi

7. Cross Town

8. Foolish Wishes

9. Clouds

10. We Must Share

11. Spinal Cracker

12. Sun / Rain come down

13. Still Not My Day

Play in Lofi  14. The Expose'  Play in Hifi

15. Time Again

16. the Bird Song

Play in Lofi  17. Hey Labeda  Play in Hifi

18. A Wave of Sunshine

Play in Lofi  19. My Rainbow  Play in Hifi


This Album is a historical about America.

Zach Pendulum * Mike Hoebler * Pete Rossi

The B.S. Album [ by, H.A.R.P. ] is finalized in 2016 as a story
of love that parallels the pilgrimage of each of us to the natural
wonder called earth and is so beautifully represented in the land
called America. It represents each of us in our desire to find
that freedom within love amidst the everyday walk with justice.

The Band still continues to Rock and they are Ready to Roll.

© 2016 Core-Age Records & Publishing