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t h e  F e e l  F r e e


Play in Lofi  1. Feel Free  Play in Hifi

2. the Love of Stars

3. When the Lashes and the Stars Fall

4. Take Me All the Way

5. Erasing Your Doubt

6. I'm With You

7. Are We All We Are ?

Play in Lofi  8. Touchbread  Play in Hifi

9. We want to Roam

10. A Bowl of Lies

Play in Lofi  11. Fly Away  Play in Hifi

12. Train of Thought

13. Which Love Do You Mean ?

14. Fixing the Clock

15. All to You


This album is about a true love and mirror souls who experience

the universe in one mind. They are apart only until they realize,

that their true freedom is found within their friendship.








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