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A Passion for Truth


1. Invisible Dream

Play in Lofi  2. Perfect Child  Play in Hifi

3. Frame

4. Variations 1 & 2

Play in Lofi  5. Interstice  Play in Hifi

6. Blue Whale

7. Variations 3 & 4

8. Waiting

9. Variations 5 & 6

10. Crying over a Dream

Play in Lofi  11. Glory  Play in Hifi

12. Too You

Play in Lofi  13. Sweet Chariot  Play in Hifi

14. Variation 7

15. Mary go Crazy

16. Variation 8

Play in Lofi  17. East Wind  Play in Hifi

18. Space Wind

19. Forever Always

20. Variation 9


Soundtrack for 'The Fragile Ancestral Prophecy'

The story is about a Whale and a Dolphin who fall in love
to Create a new Solar System like the one in their Ancestral
Past. The New Humanity gets a second chance upon their
discovery of a special gift from their Ancestral Prophet :
a magical device : a mirror puzzle that the Whale is
compelled (through the tribulation of the age) to assemble.

When put together by the Whale and the Sage Emperor
of the Oceans of the present day, it shows the Young Society
morals of the imaginary stories of their potential futures.

© 2007 Core-Age Records & Publishing



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