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the Planet's Edge


1. the Planet's Edge

2. War of Causes

3. Naturally

4. A Spectrum

5. Christy

6. Some Love in Everything

7. Moodswings

8. World Keeps Groovin'

9. Love isn't too far Away

10. Rigamarol

11. Freedom Ring

12. Prey the Shadow

13. Bedtime Story

Play in Lofi  14. Autumn Leaves  Play in Hifi

15. Spooky Mystery

16. Rain

17. The Last 8 Months

18. Still Under the Waves

19. Island Anthem

20. Day by Day


This is supposed to be the last album at the end of

our rainbow. This album is the story of a young child

growing up to discover that his life as a search for

happiness, was in the end, a search for love.


Core-Age R & P is searching for Partners.

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